You ran and ran
Until you caught her
Didn’t you?

The love was always
In the desert
In the casino’s
In the lonely hotels

Back to California
To get my daughter
The love existed even in Jail
The love never flailed

Then came the injury
You still overcame
For ten years
Then came the tears

Tears of pain
The pills began too
Deterioration of self
Love of self

Trust of God
Hatred of mankind
One pill led to another kind
The first surgery failed

Back to work
Try again
More pills
After a couple of years

The injury re-occurs
Back to the doctor
Another surgery
The love endures

My body and soul
My heart is strong
For him
I keep working

I go crazy
The hospital takes me in
Love still endures
The methadone kicks in

The final pill
Our love takes a hit
His mind takes a hit
The kids know

They will endure and love their father
Chaos in our home
It must stop
I will make it

Will you still run?
I will run and run until you find me
I will wait for you to catch me again.
Because the love will never end.

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