Children and Teens Therapy

Children often struggle with issues involving blended family, friendships, identity, substance use, and depression or thoughts of suicide.  Use of electronics is prevalent in our culture, which makes relationships even more challenging.  Our therapists understand children and teens.  We know the challenges that correlate with each developmental milestone.  By meeting with a therapist and developing rapport, your children can gain a supportive mentor while increasing skills and confidence in speaking to adults. They can also learn how to respectfully voice their needs and concerns within the family.  Our therapists have experience in special needs, trauma, teen depression and anxiety.  Divorce, sexual trauma, physical violence and drugs are an unfortunate part of our younger generation. If you think your child is struggling with any of these adult issues, New Mourning can help. We also offer a safe and regulated space to blog. See our website for details.

Play Therapy

Children often process trauma in non-verbal means of play.  Because play is a natural component  of a child’s  growth and development, it serves as a non-threatening, non intrusive way for a child to work through trauma or anxiety.  Left to play, or through guided play, the therapist can effectively guide   children in their own healing and resolution to difficult situations.

Sand Tray

As in traditional non-directive play therapy, research has shown that allowing an individual to freely play with the sand and accompanying objects in the contained space of the sandtray, can facilitate a healing process, as the unconscious expresses itself in the sand and influences the sand player.

Tennessen, J. & Strand, D. (1998). A comparative analysis of directed sandplay therapy and principles of Ericksonian psychology. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 25(2), 109-114

Art Intervention

The conscious mind often blocks memories and trauma that are too painful to re-live.  This effective coping strategy can sometimes block or lead to unproductive  patterns later in life.  Art is an expressive way to unblock counter productive patterns in a creative outlet.

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