‘Liquid Gold’ can save a premature life..

In our mission to provide support to our community, New Morning attends quarterly meetings with the Breastfeeding Coalition of Placer County. The decision to breastfeed your baby is a very personal one, and similarly, the inability to breastfeed can be a tragic blow to a new mom. These struggles can be a major risk factor for a mom to develop a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder. In partnership with the Breastfeeding Coalition of Placer County, New Mourning can gain knowledge to support the families that we serve and resources to allow them to further support themselves.


Upcoming this month is the 3rd Annual Breastmilk Donation Drive organized by Mothers’ Milk Bank of Sacramento. This amazing event will collect precious milk that will be made available for premature babies in need in the greater Sacramento area. Please take a moment to watch this video about the life saving possibilities that breastmilk donation provides and spread the word about the Donation Drive. You or someone you know could save the life of one of these precious babies. More information is available on our Upcoming Events page as well as links to these great organizations.



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