Enemy, familiar, “friend ” yet the beginning of the end.
whispering deceit and it hurts her again.
What it makes her fear and what it makes her attempt.
Words it makes her speak and what it makes her conceal.

Things she sees and things she hears
Haunting daunting thoughts it makes her imagine.
All the pain she wants to stop, but she does it again.
And it finds her, the fight inside courses through her veins, it’s powerful.

The fight inside is shattering her once more.
She won’t make a sound.
Alone in this fight with herself and the doubts
whispering if she flees she’ll be caught.

She’s no longer the same, pursuing unwanted pain.
Is all of this worth going astray?
She wants to be found
while it is determined to keep her lurking in the shadows, invisible.

She wants to give up this arduous game.
And fall down in tranquil sleep.
This is not me.
We both know how this painful game will end.

But I do it again.

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