First 5 Placer is a public organization that was created after California voters passed Proposition 10, known as “The Children and Families Act” in 1998. First 5 Placer supports programs that are aligned with its strategic plan that:

  • Children are nurtured, healthy, safe, learning, and developmentally reaching their potential
  • Families are strong and connected and communities are caring and responsive

First 5 Placer partners with providers who use a Family Based and/or Community Based approach to serve children, parents, and families. Insights Counseling Services supports the mission and vision of First 5 by treating parents that suffer from depression to acquire skills necessary to nurture healthy and safe children, and build strong family connections.

Insights Counseling Services has partnered with First 5 Placer to provide counseling sessions to mothers who may be at risk for or suffering from postpartum depression.  For mothers who qualify, we offer up to 12 sessions at no cost. Learn more here.

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